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Culinary delights of amman

Culinary delights of amman
Culinary delights of amman


Jordan has some of the best local dishes and restaurants in the Middle East. From a simple bowl of foul (cooked flava beans) sprinkled with olive oil, lemon and garlic - topped with smashed green chillies - eaten with local pitta bread (price around 1jd) to a sumptuous mezze meal followed by grilled meats or fish - or a range of traditional dishes like Mansaf, Ouzi, Kabseh, Molokhia

Delicious mezes are served - comprising hommous, lebneh, chicken livers, spicy olives,


Many dishes are suitable for vegetarians and vegans to some extent. Such as Foul, hummus, falafel, veggie stuffed vine leaves, stuffed peppers,
stuffed courgettes and aubergines.... Freshly bakes patries with cheese, zatar, potato - side dishes like sour cream - olives, baba ghanoush or m'tabbal - just state that you need vegetarian.

Vegan is a little more complicated - since locals are meat eaters and few people are vegetarian - so vegan may be difficult for them to understand.
If you can come with some suggestions for them, they will improvise and try to provide what you need.

Culinary delights of amman
Culinary delights of amman


There are hundreds of good cafes, bars and restaurants in Amman - Iraqi style, Syrian Style, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese style, Fast food, Slow food, Auberge is a popular choice in Downtown Amman - Traditional Arabic food - along with JAFRA Cafe - serving local & International dishes....

Jerusalem Restaurant or Jabri Restaurant - is a good choice for Mansaf - both in Downtown.
For a nice 'posh' Foul, hummus & Falafel - try Abu Jbara on Madina Munawara Street - excellent (huge restaurant and seats around 150)

Reem al Bawadi Restaurant (Near Amman Mall - off Madina Munawara Street) is a beautiful Arabic style restaurant with very good food.
Palm Village on the airport Road is also excellent
Ocean Fish Restaurant - Madina Munawara Street is excellent for fish and very pleasant sitting.


Street food and much much more..
available from morning to midnight - Delicious Shawarma sandwiches - Try Reem (2nd Circle) or one of the many
other Shawarma and kebab outlets..


Prices range from half a dinar for a falafel sandwich to up to 60jd per person in a posh restaurant.
Average restaurant prices between 10-25jd per person depending on what you eat - and where you go etc.

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