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Bedouin camping in the desert

A really exciting experience is to spend a night camping with the Bedouin in Wadi Rum desert.

Enjoy the great outdoors at its best !

This is one of the most scenic and beautiful deserts around - likened to the Planet Mars due to its red sand.

Wadi Rum is very much in demand as a 'location' for film shoots.. Many International films have been filmed there.
Its also a popular destination for Star Gazers.

There are over 40 camps in Wadi Rum and you can choose from the type that interests you from small quiet meditation
type camps where you can be at one with nature and lose yourself stargazing...

Bedouin camping in the desert
Bedouin camping in the desert

Or choose a large well attended established camp where there is always people...

You can enjoy a 4 x 4 jeep ride for 2-3 hours or take a camel for an hour or longer (if brave ! )

Go hot air ballooning over wadi rum

Sand surfing

Dune buggies

Bedouin camping in the desert
Bedouin camping in the desert

Rock climbing or trekking ....

Horse riding

Camel Riding

We can arrange good camps at discounted prices as part of a group - if you would like to spend a night or more in Wadi Rum.

Let us get the best deal for you.

Camping packages start from 45jd per person per night - depending on camp etc.

Package includes :

  • Bed, breakfast, evening meal, Bathroom facilities,
  • 2-3 hour 4 x 4 Jeep ride to the points of interest in the desert,
  • Pick up and drop off from the Visitors Centre in a 4x4 -
  • Camp fire evenings - some camps have bedouin music.
  • Blankets provided
  • Bottled drinking water

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