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Safety and security

Safety and security

This region of the world, as a whole, is always in the news

This is what makes it so fascinating to the thousands of visitors to the Hashemite Kingdom

To many it would seem Jordan is an oasis in an otherwise hostile desert region - and they wouldn't be far wrong. Bordered by Syria on one side Iraq on the other... then Palestine/Israel and Saudi Arabia on opposite sides... To add a bit more flavour - Egypt (Sinai) and Lebanon are a stones throw away.

Notwithstanding - Jordan is truly a 'peace-haven' in the midst of an otherwise chaotic area.


One of the few countries in the world where visitors are initially greeted by the passport control officers with a broad smile and a very sincere 'Welcome to Jordan' !!

Safety & Security can be broken down into 2 categories :
- (a) namely that pertaining to the location in general between 2 war zones...
- (b) Security and Safety regarding everyday crime in general

Regarding (a) - The travel advisories for Jordan issued by your respective State Departments should be read and borne in mind. It should also be noted that most of these give a 'worse case scenario' warning and reading some would put anyone off. Others are moderate - others consider no danger at all. It depends on your country's stance and opinion.

We also recommend you to consult with Travel Websites such as :
Thorn Tree Branch of Lonely Planet

... amongst others.. to get the views and experiences of recent travelers to Jordan. Some websites have pages of FAQ's and Forum posts regarding issues of safety.

Its pertinent to note that Jordan hosts hundreds of thousands of expat residents - who are living and/or working/studying in jordan many from Western Countries such as USA, UK, Holland, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Canada and several South American countries along with China, Korea and Japan. So - if it wasnt safe - these people wouldn't be here.

Our recommendation - Jordan is one of the safest countries in the world despite its geographical location and is a member of NATO and the Western Allied Forces.

Regarding (b) Overall crime levels in Jordan remain relatively low and are mainly concerned with the citizens between themselves (family or tribal disputes) and rarely involve visitors to Jordan.

In general you can walk around anywhere - even late at night without fear - unlike in some cities around the world.


Your own country's advisory should be consulted for reference on this matter.

petty crime

All visitors are welcomed and locals always try to assist them whenever asked. Isolated incidences of pick pocketing in crowded areas and some over charging by taxis have been reported... Other than that its normal and nothing to get unduly concerned over.

Police patrols and English speaking Tourist Police ensure the comfort and confidence of visitors and are available to assist if required.

Our opinion: Jordan is a very safe and secure place to visit. Very few - if any visitors have ever had cause for complaint.


Notwithstanding ~ As safe as Jordan may be - do not do anything you wouldn't normally do at home, ie accept lifts from strangers etc. Some people when they go on holiday let their guard down and do things they would never dream of doing back home. So keep this in mind and use it as a yardstick. Likewise when undertaking water sports, climbing or driving or anything adventurous - safety standards may not be the same. Make informed decisions and dont hesitate to consult us if n doubt about anything.

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