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Historical sites and tours

We can provide a comprehensive range of private tours at your request at the best rates.

We also operate shared small group - MULTI STOP tours to various historical sites and places of interest. Jordan is an amazing place rich in history - culture and natural beauty.

Here is a range of the Popular shared tours which we operate.. See below for full details of each trip

North Jordan Tour
Dead Sea Tour
Desert Castle's Tour
Old King's Highway Tour
Amman City Tour
Jerash -Half day
Dead Sea -Half Day
Salt Half - HalfDay

Other specialized tours

Madaba - In ArRassas - Mukawir (Christian)
Mount Nebo, Baptism Site, Lot's Cave (Christian)
Iraq-al-Amir (half day)
Cave of the 7 sleepers (Islamic) 2.5 hours

Historical sites and tours
Historical sites and tours


10-hour, tour with an experienced English Speaking Tourist Driver.
Visit Umm Qais, Aljoun, and Jerash
flexible time stops at each place
From 29jd per person

Beautiful scenic ride where you can explore the Roman ruins and the hilltop Castle on a 10-hour easy paced - private tour from Amman visiting Umm Qais, Ajloun Castle, and Jerash in an air-conditioned vehicle.

What You Can Expect
The Day Tour Begin at 0800 after breakfast in the hotel, proceed to Umm Qais (also known as Gadara). see 3 periods of history, Roman - Byzantine - Ottoman - and take in the stunning views over the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. Um Qais is right up in the North of Jordan and very close to the Syrian and Israeli borders.

Continue to Ajloun Castle, a 12th-century Muslim castle built on the remains of a historic monastery. Climb into the tower for views of the Jordan Valley to the Dead Sea.

Final stop at the ancient city of Jerash, a Bronze Age settlement where you'll find Hadrian's Arch, the Temple of Artemis, and the Forum, a sprawling oval plaza surrounded by 160 Ionic columns. Learn how the city rose alongside a Greek federation of 10 cities, then lived through Christian and Muslim rule before falling during the Crusades and devastated by many earthquakes. After visiting Jerash, make the return trip to Amman, where this tour concludes with a drop-off at your hotel.


9 hour tour with an experienced English speaking driver
Visit : Madaba, Mount Nebo, La Storia Museum, Panorama Complex and then 2-3 hrs at the Dead Sea
Round Trip
Flexible time stops at each place
From 25jd per person

Scenic ride around part of middle Jordan on a 9 hour easy paced tour with an experienced English speaking Tourist Driver.

What you can Expect
The Day Tour begins at 0800 after breakfast in the hotel, proceed to Madaba and visit the Church of St George, the mosaic Centre and the archaeological centre - then wander at leisure around Madaba for half an hour...
Continue to Mount Nebo - where Moses looked down on the "Promised Land" - enjoy the spectacular views across the Jordan Valley - part of the Great Rift Valley which stretches from Africa. stay around 50 minutes.

Continue to La Storia Museum - a museum and tourism complex that celebrates the region's past by telling its stories in an original, innovative way. You may enjoy a light refreshment at this point if required - as they have a small cafeteria and have a rummage through their comprehensive gift shop if desired.

Proceed to the Panorama Complex which again has strategic views over the West Bank of the Jordan - a very high point over the Dead Sea - great for photo shoots. You may relax and take in the views - have refreshments if desired - and then visit the geological museum - which explains the history of earthquakes and volcanos in the region.

Finally proceed downhill to the Lowest point on earth - The Dead Sea - where we will stop at Amman Beach Resort complex. This has a large outdoor swimming pool, changing rooms, showers on the beach, small snack kiosks and a large air conditioned restaurant - where a delicious magnanimous open buffet spread is provided for those who ordered the food. Open Buffet, eat as much as you like - consists of meat, chicken, fish - rice dishes, vegetables, several salads, several sweet dishes.... very good value.

Historical sites and tours
Historical sites and tours

You can enjoy floating in the Dead Sea whilst reading a book - plaster yourself with black dead sea mud and enjoy the health benefits of this mineral rich compound - used for thousands of years ..

You then make the return trip to Amman where we drop you off at the hotel around 5pm.


7-hour, tour with an experienced English Speaking Tourist Driver.
Visit 4 castles and 1 Nature reserve
flexible time stops at each place
From 25jd per person

Drive through to the outskirts of Amman and venture into the barren Eastern desert towards the Saudi Arabian and Iraqi borders....

What you can expect

The Day Tour begins at 0900 after breakfast in the hotel
Proceed to Qasr Kharranah in the Eastern desert along the Azraq Road.
Then onto Qasr Amra - a World Heritage Site with amazing frescos
Continue on to Azraq Castle the Headquarters of Lawrence of Arabia - during the Great Arab Revolt.
Visit the Azraq Nature Reserve and wetlands..

Continue to Qasr Halibat along the desert loop - return to Amman around 4pm



11 hour, tour with an experienced English Speaking Tourist Driver.
Visit 2 castles, 1 Byzantine Site, 1 Mosque, 2 Panoramic Vivas
One way
flexible time stops at each place
29jd per person

Beautiful scenic drive through rolling hills and winding mountain roads - along the oldest continuously used road in history through Bedouin tribal lands to the Nabatean City of Petra... and part of the Old Silk Road and Spice Route.

What You Can Expect

This exciting and popular Day Tour begins at 0800 after breakfast in the hotel and proceeds towards Um Ar Rassas - A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Most of this archaeological site, which started as a Roman military camp and grew to become a town from the 5th century, has not been excavated. It contains remains from the Roman, Byzantine and Early Muslim periods (end of 3rd to 9th centuries AD) and a fortified Roman military camp. The site also has 16 churches, some with well-preserved mosaic floors. Particularly noteworthy is the mosaic floor of the Church of Saint Stephen with its representation of towns in the region. Two square towers are probably the only remains of the practice, well known in this part of the world, of the stylites (ascetic monks who spent time in isolation atop a column or tower). Um er-Rassas is surrounded by, and dotted with, remains of ancient agricultural cultivation in an arid area.

Continue towards Dhiban - now the stronghold of the Bani Hamida Tribe and in ancient times it was known as Moab and previously a further bastion of the Nabateans. It was in Dhiban where the Mesha Stele was found - this ancient document is now held in the Louvre Museum, France - and depicts the life and times and battles of King Mesha from circa 840 BCE.

Stop at the Mujib Viva - a high point over the Mujib Valley that continues along to the Dead Sea. Good photo opportunity and time to stretch your legs.

Continue down into the valley then climb up the mountain on the other side and continue to Karak Castle - where Salaheddin defeated the Crusaders and went on to liberate Jerusalem into Muslim Control. Sources from the time of the 3rd Crusade paint a beautiful picture of the rapport between Richard I and Salaheddin in those high chivalric times, noting how Salaheddin dispatched his doctors to Richard when he heard the English King was very sick. He even sent him a gift of two horses when Richard's horse became lame.

After visiting the castle - continue south to Jafaar Mosque and visit a typical oriental style mosque which is the burial place of important historical figures in early Islam. Beautiful gold ornate graves. (When visiting religious sites discretion must be given to covering up.. For ladies they will give you a coverall - men can ask also if their dress is appropriate or not.)

Continue along the winding village roads through Tafila - and continue to Dana Viva - a beautiful view overlooking the Wadi Araba (Part of the Great Rift Valley - that separates Palestine and Jordan)

Next on the tour is a stop at Shobak Castle - with its famous tunnels and history of Crusaders meeting their defeat in far off lands. Continue driving towards Wadi Musa (Petra) - where you will be dropped off at your respective hotels which you have booked around 6pm.

Food, drinks, guide - Not included. Gratuities (optional)


If you arrive on the right day to attend PETRA BY NIGHT - you still have time to get washed and changed - this is a private event held in the siq....
It's a highly spiritual extravaganza with thousands of lighted candles. Absolutely breathtaking. Tickets can be purchased in Petra.

The following day you wake up early and go and visit the Petra site (Guides available on site if required) until around 4 or whatever time you desire.
Your options are then :

a) Get the JETT Bus back to Amman at 4pm
b) Continue to wadi rum for an overnight stay then go to Aqaba and get the bus back to Amman from Aqaba.

If you stay a further night in Petra there is an early morning minibus to Wadi Rum - cost around 8jd per person.
Tell your hotel to order it for you - so the bus will come to the hotel to pick you. You may also continue to Aqaba from Petra - if desired.

Historical sites and tours
Historical sites and tours

Half Day Tours - Salt City / Jerash / Dead Sea

Should you not have much time - or need to take it easy .... Take a 4 - 5 hour half day Tour


5 hour, tour of one of the above places with an experienced English Speaking Tourist Driver.

Visit either Salt a typical Jordanian city, Jerash a Decapolis City or the Dead Sea - Return trip

10jd per person

Beautiful scenic drive through rolling hills and winding mountain roads - to one of the above three destinations.

What You Can Expect

The Day Tour begins at 0800 after breakfast (if desired) or can be later (Depending on demand and other sharers)
Each tour includes a 2.5 hour stop.

Food, drinks, guide, entry fees - Not included. Gratuities (optional)

Half Day Tour - Mujib Hiking



5 hour, round trip of one of the best and MOST popular hikes - WITH an experienced English Speaking Tourist Driver.

Visit the famous Mujib Gorge with its amazing water filled SIQ trail (2 HOUR HIKE) - Return trip

15jd per person

Beautiful scenic drive through rolling hills and winding mountain roads - along the Scenic Dead Sea Highway to the southern most point of the Dead Sea.

What you can expect

The Day Tour begins at 0800 after breakfast (if desired) or can be later by mutual consent and subject to weather conditions (this area is very hot in summer)
This tour is 6 hours and covers the SIQ trail ONLY .... If you need the longer hikes 4 hours / 6 hours - please ask for the price.

Food, drinks, guide, entry fees - Not included. Gratuities (optional)

Make it 3-4 hours at Mujib - depending on the hike - then go to Amman Beach and spend between 2-3 hours bathing in the miraculous waters
Depart 0800 - return 1700 Cost per person is 25jd ** Based on 4 people sharing

VERY RELAXED AND ENJOYABLE DAY ... suitable for most abilities... The longer hikes of course more arduous .

Half Day Amman City Tour


4 hour, round trip with stops

Enjoy a leisurely drive around the bustling city with stops to walk and explore at the following places

Citadel - Rainbow Street - King Abdullah Mosque - National Museum - National Gallery - King Hussain Car Museum -

Enjoy the frenetic drive through some of the chaotic streets in East Amman and soak up the vibrant atmosphere. Visit the New Abdali Town with its monumental buildings. Continue across Abdoun bridge towards the affluent and diplomatic area where all the Embassies are located. Past the Modern shopping expo - Taj Mall and the well known Blue Fig Bar & Restaurant.

If you wish at the end of the tour you can ask to be dropped off and make your own way back - either at Rainbow street (you can walk back) or Taj Mall. (Taxi approx. 2jd)

STOPS ARE SUBJECT TO OPENING HOURS - depending on the day/time of your tour. if closed other stops will be substituted ie Darwish Mosque, Iraq-al-Amir ,, Cave of the 7 sleepers...


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