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Trips, tours & transportation


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an amazing and awesome desert Kingdom - bearing the name of the sacred 'River Jordan' which has been mentioned in historical writings for thousands of years. A blessed mix of Mountains, Valleys and Plains, with deserts, beaches and last but not least - a special part of the Great Rift Valley which stretches from Africa and includes the Dead Sea area which is recorded as the lowest place on Earth.

Jordan contains a vibrant ethnic mix of Bedouin Tribes, Rural Villagers and Sophisticated City dwellers. Made up of Jordanian East Bankers and Palestinian West Bankers - along with citizens of Chechen, Armenian & Circassian origin. There are also large number of Iraqi, Syrian, Egyptian residents and a fair number of Sudani, Yemeni, Turkish and Lebanese citizens to name but a few.

We operate a variety of private tours and shared tours - for the benefit of our guests.

We also operate airport pick ups and drop offs and border pick ups and drop offs

- and whatever other transport requirements you have.


It's very important that drivers are compatible with their passengers - as you will spend many hours in the car with him, so you don't need to be lumbered with someone irritating - too talkative - plays loud music - bad hygene etc. All our drivers are receptive and adhere to what you want - talk if you like, be quiet if you like, never smoke in the car or talk on the mobile while driving. They are well respected and first class and will ensure you enjoy to the max!

Its difficult when you hire the services of a driver from the internet, you just don't know how well you will get along - and its fait accompli once you get there and have paid a deposit. You have to lump it.

We are confident that all our drivers are first class professionals and we give a guarantee that you will be satisfied or we will change him - which is easy for us, as we deal with a professional full licensed transport operator and we insist on very high standards - and ultimately delivering a 5 * service

Unlike other Tour providers, we do not stop at Souvenir shops or expensive tourist restaurants during the tour (unless specifically requested to do so and the others in the group agree).
Different food or snack options will be offered to the group by the driver - from a simple falafel sandwich costing 600 fils to an open buffet for around 10jd for those who have worked up an appetite walking around the various sites. It's up to you - no need to participate even if one or 2 others do. You can opt out without any pressure.
We do encourage though, some form of interaction to support the local communities many of whom are quite poor in some areas - just buying a small cheap souvenir or a cold drink or snack will be appreciated and will support their strugling enterprises.

PRIVATE TOURS - These can be tailored to your own specific requirements - and we offer the most competitive prices around !!

Just send your request with a brief itinerary - for a quote - and we will respond to you immediately. If you already have a quote, send it to us and we promise to beat any reasonable quote on a like for like basis. We offer private tours for singles, couples or groups.

Especially suitable for groups of 3 or more - as it saves money

SHARED TOURS - For the benefit and convenience of all our guests - we operate 'reasonably priced' MULTI STOP - SHARED TOURS with other guests.
Point to point drops where you can wander off and do your own thing - or tag along with your newly made friends. Enjoy however you wish.

These exciting and interesting tours encompass the varying landscapes of Jordan and its sacred and historical sites.

Especially ideal for those traveling alone or couples as it saves money.


Some people find it difficult to get around - due to language difficulties or lack of public transport to some places... while some find it exciting and adventurous and throw themselves in at the deep end.... Others prefer the convenience of being taken around without having to exert themselves - and save their energy for going around the various sites. After working hard all year - they prefer others to do the organizing and transporting whilst they are free to relax and enjoy the delights of Jordan.

Whatever you choose to do - we are here to help and assist....

Trips, tours & transportation
Trips, tours & transportation


75% of our guests utilize some or all of our tours on offer. They are particularly ideal for solo travellers but they are used by couples, small groups, friends and families alike. Some take a mix of private and shared tours - depending on how they feel.

It's always better to contact us and discuss whats in your mind... If you want to go around Jordan alone, no problem, we are here to offer advice. If you have an interest in using our private or shared tours - please register your interest before arrival by email. In any case, you can also register on the spot once you arrive - some prefer the spontaneous lifestyle.

Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have.


You register with us your interest in a tour - and we find the others to share - from our hotels. We also get many guests from hotels all over Amman using our shared system - which keeps costs down.

Shared Prices are based on minimum of 4 persons sharing a car or more in the larger vehicles..

If there are less people sharing then the prices are pro-rata.

It's not a package holiday type tour where you are shunted and shepherded around - it's merely a means of getting around in the most convenient way possible while saving some money by sharing the cost of the tour with other like-minded people.

The driver is at your disposal and will drop you and give you a time to meet at specific points when finished. Like your own personal chauffeur for the day. No need to phaff around panicking trying to understand buses (where available) in the blazing sun or the freezing cold.... Or haggle with local taxi drivers for hours on end. Use your time and energy to enjoy and get the most out of your visit to the various sites - whilst many are small places and are a relaxed tour, many do have tremendous amounts of walking to get around - so utilizing the trips enables you to visit more places easily in comfort with our air conditioned cars and warm heated vehicles in the winter.

Prices are transport only including the services of an English speaking driver - who will be more than happy to entertain you along the way and answer and general questions you may have about Jordan or the area you are visiting.

Entry fees will either be covered by your Jordan Pass or payable by you at the entrance - where not included.

Prices do not include food or tips - which are optional...


These tours start at 0700 and end around 6pm the following day - with an overnight at Wadi Rum desert
(camping with the Bedouins) OUR PRICE of 75jd per person is transport only.

You will get at least 5.5 hours in Petra

Trips, tours & transportation
Trips, tours & transportation

The camping packages start at 40 - 60jd for an overnight which includes breakfast, evening meal - pick up and drop off at the Wadi Rum Visitors Centre and a 2-3 hour 4 x 4 Jeep ride to all the interesting points. Evening meal a Bedouin dish of meat and veg is served around the camp fire.

There are dozens of camps in Wadi Rum providing these packages. We will get the best group rates for you even if you are a solo traveller.

Side Trip to Jerusalem?

We can assist you in arranging an exciting side trip to Jerusalem where you can do it all yourself, no need for an expensive escorted tour. You can utilise our shared cars to the border which go most days - we will advise you of the procedures for crossing - how long it takes etc and what to visit. How to get around and what to expect. It's really very easy and relatively hassle free. If you leave Amman at 0800 - you can be in Jerusalem by 11.30am. Its literally 1 hour to border - 1.5hrs on border routines - 1 hour to Jerusalem (approx.) Returning back is shorter as its usually about 1 hour crossing. The good thing is, you can go and return with the same visa you were issued with on arrival at Amman airport. No need to purchase another visa. However, budget approximately $150 minimum per person for this side trip consisting of 2 days and 1 night includes, Border fees, transport and Budget Hotel (excludes food and personal expenses)

If you would like to visit more places - why not - Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus, Nazareth should time permit. We will guide you step by step.

For those preferring the escorted tour option - we can arrange that also - but bear in mind its quite expensive and really not necessary. It's very easy to cross the border and walk round the Old City yourself.

Trips, tours & transportation
Trips, tours & transportation

Staying in Towns and Villages Outside of Cities

It's worth mentioning and bearing in mind that while many people may seek to stay one night or longer in other towns such as Jerash, Salt, Karak etc - you should note that these towns are conservative places - many dont have coffee shops or restaurants and if they do - they will close around late afternoon - so there is little to do after dusk. Hotels sadly, may also be empty - so it's worth thinking about whether that's suitable for you. If it is - then that's fine - and we encourage you to be adventurous and visit those places. Why not linger longer and try an over night stay...


If you are not sure of the sights to see or in which order to do so .. please contact us and request a suggested itinerary.... We pace all tours in a relaxed manner and it depends on how many days you have and, how much you want to squeeze in - what you want to see etc.

In order to do this we need from you the following information:
a) Date/time of flight arrival in airport (or border crossing if applicable)
b) How many days stay. (How hectic or relaxed do you want it)
c) Date/time of flight departure
d) State your specific interest - biblical, islamic ,historical, natural, hiking, Diving, cultural, beach etc
e) Age or; level of walking or activity desired
f) Any other relevant information to help you enjoy to the max

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